Thursday, April 03, 2008

Loretta Would Be Proud!

If you have not seen this story yet, I am really jealous; you really found a good hiding place! "It's My Right To Have Kid, Pregnant Man Tells Oprah" "Man Is Six-Months Pregnant" And of course, predictable variations on right-wing sources, left-wing sources, GLBT sources... you name it.

Thomas Beattie is, indeed, a pregnant man. He is also a pregnant woman (especially if you read the right-wing sources). Biologically, he could not be pregnant otherwise.

I am perfectly content with his legal status as a man; it's how he views himself, how his wife views him, and none of my damned business, or yours either unless you happen to be Thomas Beattie. And it says nothing about his legal and self-referent status to note that, yes, biologically he is still female. But that said, I am a bit disappointed with the spin (or is that "framing"?) that the majority of the news outlets appear to be giving it. A "pregnant man" is a wow of a headline. The more accurate story--that a transgendered man loves his wife enough to bear a child when she cannot--is not merely more accurate, but more detailed and less "wow". Unlike a sound bite, it takes more than a few seconds to comprehend. So I guess the news outlets didn't want to take that sort of risk.

I don't know if it is what they wish for themselves, but my wish for them is a return to anonymity as quickly as possible after the child is born. A media circus is something I would not wish on any baby.

The news reports on Thomas Beattie note that he’s a man.
He’s bearded, and he’s married to a lovely woman, Nan.
They’re planning on a family—how wonderful that is!
Oh, yeah, there’s one more tiny thing: the pregnancy is his.
Not his as in paternity, the papers try to tutor us,
But his as in he’s carrying the baby in his uterus.

In Monty Python’s Life of Brian, a character named Stan
Demanded that we recognize the right of any man
If he wishes, to be female, and to call himself Loretta,
And defend this right, by force, as in a feud or a vendetta.
And Loretta says that every man—no ifs, no buts, no maybes—
Possesses rights including each man’s right to carry babies.

Loretta did not have a womb, to utilize her right—
This futility of struggle was a symbol of their plight;
Thomas Beattie, though, in contrast, does not share Loretta’s gloom—
He’s the man Loretta wants to be—a man who has a womb.
If tomatoes can be vegetables, and also still be fruits,
Then a man can have a baby, if the situation suits.

Just for fun...


Rana said...

"If tomatoes can be vegetables, and also still be fruits,
Then a man can have a baby, if the situation suits"

Hmm, London Mayor Ken Livingstone has just been "stung" by the revelation that he has five children from three women. He maintains that it's not news, he has been commendably honest and liberal in his attitudes to people's personal lives.

He said "Clearly, I don't think anybody in this city is shocked about what consenting adults do. No one has ever found anything in my private life that was illegal or immoral. As long as you don't involve children, animals or vegetables …"

So we need to know, is it wrong to get deep pleasure from a tomato?

Cuttlefish said...

I cook and I garden--both very well, if I say so myself. I have dishes where if you did not get deep pleasure from a tomato, I have failed!


Oh, that kind of deep pleasure?


Never mind.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thomas Beatie, a transgendered pregnant man, is ecstatic to welcome a daughter into the world this July. Thomas has a vagina, but he’s legally male. Thomas is in a relationship with his wife Nancy, and he spoke to The Advocate about his journey to get knocked up.