Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Limericks: Under The Sea

Maybe it is just those prepared cuttlefish snacks, but I am in the mood for fish.

'Midst the seaweeds and sponges and corals
Live the cephalopods; and their quarrels
Will come, often, to blows--
A behavior which shows
A deplorable absence of morals!

A grey-haired and bearded signore
With a snorkel and mask, took a foray
To a reef, but gave flight
When his toe felt a bite--
But as everyone knows, that's a Moray

Now a squid has a bite, but the truth is,
There's a beak where you'd think that a tooth is
I suppose that won't matter
If you're on the platter--
A snack for a great Architeuthis!

I may add more later, but I have to get going--places to go, things to do! Uncharacteristic of Fridays for me...

Have fun!


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

This is a tough one!

No fishing this year, and the reason
Is that this is the worst ever season
I'll be cutting down on salmon,
Might have to switch to gammon,
Which 'round these parts is almost like treason.

(Inspired by this story on the CBC)

The Ridger, FCD said...

I'll try a classic template...

There was a young man who liked fish.
From a genie he once got a wish:
No, this isn't the one
Where the wife spoils the fun:
He grew a long tail that went swish

And then he and a crabby crustacean
(Oh, "crusty"'s bad imagination)
Who rode in a pot
Saved the world from a spot
Of Nazi-ish bomb detonation!

King of Ferrets said...

My muse, it fails me (It never does succeed except with the occasional haiku). And my knowledge of fish.

Unknown said...

Fish Friday

My smarts ‘bout fish stuff’s darn de-fish-ent.
I never did have skills proficient
To telling the tale of fish and of whale,
So glad you’re (‘bout fish things) omniscient.

My briny deep knowledge is lacking.
I know not how squid beaks a-clacking,
Could put snacks on their plates, or attract them some mates,
Or just squid dates, who go ‘round off-jacking,

Oh bother! No matter how struggley
I try to make fish seem all snuggley,
A mess I am making of this undertaking.
Toodaloo, ‘cause this poem’s just ugly!