Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Bible As Textbook

P.Z. shares with us a very learned man... who learned electron microscopy from the bible.

The books about astronomy,
Like Acts and Deuteronomy,
Are but a partial list of those in which I have reliance.
Biology's dependent on
The First and Second books of John
And Genesis and Exodus? There's nothing there but science.
The physicist who never fudges
Follows Joshua and Judges;
Daniel and Ezekiel show molar calculations.
In First and Second Timothy,
Electron-scan microscopy
Completes the compound microscopic treatment in Galatians.
The Chronicles of Higher Ed--
Both First and Second, which I've read,
Confirm for me the value of an honest education.
An education such as this,
That starts, of course, in Genesis,
And doesn't give a Ph. D. 'til after Revelation.


Olaf Davis said...

"And doesn't give a Ph. D. 'til after Revelation." - brilliant!

Renee said...

I came here from the awesome poem in PZ Myers's comments. You rock. Don't ever stop.

Fantod said...

Thank you, Cuttlefish, for putting a brave face on.
Among poets, you're the alpha particle and the omega meson.