Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiners In Public

The members of the media
Were moved, it seems, to tears;
They hadn’t seen such honesty
In far too many years
The congressman spoke openly
And did not try to hide;
He did not say “mistakes were made”
But rather, said “I lied”
He’d hurt his wife and family;
He’d hurt some friends he’d met
(Though they’d never met in person,
Merely on the internet)
His sin was, frankly, private,
And the public was not hurt;
He simply was a man who’d found
He rather liked to flirt.

The members of the media
Decided it was right
To keep his private troubles
From a harsh and public light;
They thought he’d had his punishment
Just facing them today
They thanked him for his troubles, and
They turned and walked away.

As virtually every news source in the world is reporting, Rep. Weiner has confessed. He did a bit of cyber-foolery, and lied about it.

I don't recall Weiner as having been a moralizer, so I can't easily laugh at him. He is in a world of hurt with his wife, but this is a big nothing, as scandals go. The measured response by the media should be... to leave it be.

So, how many weeks/months/years do you think they will actually drag it out?


entropy said...

How terribly odd.

Anonymous said...

"They" will drag it out as long as Fox News inhumanly can. He's a Democrat isn't he?

On second thoughts, it wouldn't matter. If he was a Republican, they'd call him a Democrat anyway.