Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speaking Of Naked...

Via "Wait, wait, don't tell me" and their news quiz (June 13th's in particular, but I can't seem to link to just that), I find TIME's article on naked hiking in Germany, and on Switzerland's Supreme Court challenge of their no-nude-hiking laws.

I remember those laws; I wrote about them at the time (amusing pic at the link):

The Swiss have said “Enough! Enough!”
We’ll have no hiking in the buff!
See, German hikers gave them fits
By showing off their naughty bits—
A practice which the Swiss construed
As lewd, indecent, crude and rude.

So now, if Germans wish to slough
Their clothing there, the going’s rough.
No innies, outies, bums, or tits;
The Germans now must use their wits
If suddenly, they’re in the mood
To go out rambling in the nude.

If someone tried to call the bluff,
And hike in full display of stuff
The Swiss police alertly sits
To meet them with an all-out blitz--
A picture which, I must conclude,
Leaves naked hikers rightly screwed.

I particularly like the way it's all the same rhymes. Not as easy as it looks.


makita said...

Cuttle, you never fail to amaze me. So much fun!

Die Anyway said...

Cool! A solar panel on his backpack. You could keep batteries charged up for your GPS and flashlight.
I haven't hiked naked although I think it would be fun, but I have racewalked naked at several 5K races held at naturist resorts. If you haven't done it (gone naked in public), it should go on your bucket list. I never have quite figured out why our culture considers nakedness to be so taboo. Maybe it's part of the "I didn't come from no monkey" mind-set.

Anonymous said...

"Not as easy as it looks".

Making it look easy is of course part of the magic. You do it so well.


entropy said...

Zackoz is right. That's why you get paid the poet big-bucks: Because you can do it, and most cannot.

I like the way it is all the same rhymes, too. Sweet!