Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Happened?

Ok, so I know I had another post here, and I know a dozen or so people replied to that post--I have their comments in my email. But the post ("on the road") is gone, as are the comments, and I have no idea why.

So anyway, I am back from two long days of driving, and have therefore missed out on two days of grading papers. So I will repeat the invitation--who are you? Drop a line in the comments, and let me know how long you have been reading, where you found my blog, a bit about yourself. I have read the ones posted on the mysterious missing post, and find that my readers are as fascinating as they are intelligent (intended as a compliment on both, btw). Probably damned good looking to, and I bet they smell nice.

Back to grading, unless something forces me to write it. Oh, if anyone knows what might have happened, that would be cool to know too.


Ckbep said... had some major problems that required (temporarily) deleting some posts and comments, but they're supposed to be back soon; details are available at

Oh, and I found my way here via Pharyngula on April 1st.

HennaHonu said...

I've been reading for over a year, originally from seeing your comments on Pharyngula.
I'm a PhD student and atheist. I love your poems. I enjoy thinking and discussing a wide variety of topics but haven't made many friends in my new city, so get some of that from your blog. I tend not to post unless no one has touched on my own thoughts yet.

Jacqueline said...

When I know who I am, I'll refresh this comment. Atheist, sceptic in progress and English. Can't stop reading, can't stop thinking and can't stop finding the ridiculous, which you often delightfully point to.

I came accross you just after the SciBlogs explosion when some bloggers mentioned verse and science; I've been enjoying your viewpoints and how you frame them ever since.

Smelling nice is one of my lifelong ambitions.

ursulamajor said...

Found you through Pharyngula about two years ago. Atheist, liberal, college educated, loved biology back then (early 70's), but was pushed to go into a more feminine path, so Mass Communications it was. Used to think I was pretty smart until I started hanging out with this online crowd and then realized I was only smart in comparison to the company I was keeping. Currently living in the mountains of Virginia and have met a few of the Pharyngula regulars IRL. Every one was a delight and I look forward to meeting more.

You have a way of getting to the pith of a topic that is literally breathtaking. Seriously, I have audibly gasped.

MJ Kelleher said...

First saw your excellent poetry on Pharyngula a couple of years ago. Found you on Facebook a couple of months ago. Linking to you there makes it easier for me to get to your blog which I might otherwise not browse to as often.

Bamboo Dreams said...

Got to your page when you impersonated Pharyngula. Atheist, Indian, Engineer/musician, male, 46. Wonderful verses.

E.Penrose said...

Hello. I have been reading your blog for a few months now, but I don't exactly remember how I stumbled upon it. I could have actually used StumbleUpon, but that's irrelevant now. Maybe it was when I had googled "cuttlefish" in an attempt to find a knitting pattern (I ended up making my own). Either way, I very much enjoy this blog. I have been an open atheist for about a year an a half now, and a secret one for much longer. Until this year, I never realized how many there were at my school (as I am a high school senior), and now I am close friends with three. I am a musician, artist, writer/poet(I love the meter used in your little verses, it's so catchy!) and much more. I also enjoy science, particularly genetics, computers (along with Linux). I like taking things apart to see how they work, but I cannot guarantee that they can be put back together. I read your posts whenever they come out, and commend you on your wit and humor. Keep up the cuttling.

Clare said...

Ooh, hello everyone *waves*

I found you via Pharyngula some time ago. Avid reader, occasional commenter.

I'm an English, thirty something, atheist, popular science consuming, sci fi watching, fantasy reading, female geek. I often feel I'm surrounded by people (apart from my BF) who neither know nor care about my range of interests so sites like this help keep me sane :)

You come out with some absolute gems - more please!

gloriamundi said...

What ho, Cuttles (if you'll forgive the familiarity - it is the weekend, so informality reigns)

Not sure if you want those of us blown out by Blogger's recent probs to repeate our input, but just in case you do: Brit, funeral celebrant, possibly a little past the absolute prime of life, Humanist but at the soggy liberal rather than the crusading zealot end of humanism. Juvenile sense of humour, as you may have noticed.

But Jacqueline's is the best response, - when I know what I am (like the Bunyip, one does wonder) then I'll update.

Delighted and fascinated by your barditry. The mixture of wit and profundity I find unusual and rewarding, for which relief, much thanks.

Came across you via a direct recommendation from the wisdom of Charles Cowling, of Good Funeral Guide fame. (Well, not as much fame yet as it deserves.)

All power to your tentacles, old cephalopod!

Anonymous said...

Heard from Pharyngula on April 1st. PhD student starting next year, atheist, from Israel.

Richard said...

Not surprisingly I came here from Pharyngula, though it was a couple of years ago. I check in regularly (but not more than a half-dozen times a day) to see whatever your latest gem is.
I'm a Canadian, atheist, father of 4, and I work in the regulatory end of our drug regulation system. I probably smell ok, though not in a flowery way (I've just finished working on a cedar planter, so I smell like wood. Which can be good, just not to everyone. And I might set allergies off.)

Thinker said...

This biotech tradesman is readin’ from Sweden,
Enjoying immensely the fruits of your work.
Sometimes I will follow you, Simon, by rhymin’
Some mutant descendants, but mostly, I lurk.
Your Hippocrene, first sipped at PZ’s, so pleases
This godless gourmet that I blissfully drink
And now I want not only shots of, but lots of
Espresso, malt whisky and Cuttlefish ink!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog somewhere, some time ago. I am a Canadian who mostly enjoys your take on what is going on in the world. I'm amazed how you think and write with poetry! I have linked to your blog.

Devin said...
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Anonymous said...

I started reading a few months ago when a friend of mine (with philosophical/poetic leanings quite similar to your own) shared a link on Facebook. Although I'm a college sophomore CS major, I've always enjoyed reading/writing poetry and my firm empirical/atheistic leanings similarly draw me to your work, musings and wit.

One Brow said...

I first heard of you from Respectful Insolence a while ago, and have seen you mentioned here and there.

I'm an atheist, DBA by day and math teacher at night, who on occasion blogs as well as comments.

Anonymous said...

"Idealistic" (I have a count on how many times people call me this), science fantasy and comedy loving, biology/history nerded, Scottish Green - found you via my father about November last year. Check your blog a couple of times a week.

I'm doing my bachelor's in Digital Film and Television, with the intent on doing videotape editing once I graduate.

Your poetry unfailingly makes me laugh, and I'm one of those heathen poetry lovers who only particularly likes it when there's a rhyme...

(My, aforementioned, pa is what he calls a Presbyterian atheist, my mum's family have been oddly a-religion/atheist for a few generations - no great eye-opening realisation that there is most likely no God from here, Damn parents stealing my potential story.)

Jennie said...

I'm a new reader, here since the April 1st joke with Pharyngula.

I'm a pagan atheist. Or should that be atheist pagan?
Computer engineer.
I live in Iowa. I'm in a really small, very christian town. *sigh*

So, the internet is my connection with rational people.

Keep on with the verses, I love the written word, and your words are fun.

Glen said...

It would have been around mid last year that I started reading, via a link from skulls in the stars. I'm an under-20 average who's had to scrap his college plans[for now], and so am living off min-wage.

I read from New Zealand as an atheist and curmudgeon, as a means to keep me sane amidst the increasing levels of Idiocracy in the media and elsewhere in daily life, I try to read often, and am learning to write myself, but unfortunately this internet of ours just adds to my procrastination problems, but as they say; a Gift and a Curse etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I am a 56 yr old timid bible belt atheist by family rearing. We moved to AL in the late 60s. I've been halfway around the world since then and am now back to help and be helped by an aging parent.

There is some hope as my daughter is now an honorary Asian by virtue of her fellow atheists in this academic town being Asian. She is out, I am peripheral, and still timid.

I came to your site shortly after discovering PZ from an Edge article sometime in the fall of 2007. I am a paying fan having purchased your early compilations. I find your skill with poetry awesome.

Ista's acolyte