Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where In The World Was Digital Cuttlefish?

You can know the answer, or find it out with an accurate globe and a set of calipers...

Take the distance, point A to point B,
For three points on the map, and you'll see
Where the arcs intersect,
Take a look! I suspect
You'll find someone who looks quite like me!


Anonymous said...

hope you are having fun in Cape Town

Cuttlefish said...

Too easy, eh?

I did have fun in Cape Town, but am back on the hot and humid side of the planet already.

Podblack said...

:D Darn, was hoping more people'd be guessing away until they figured it out! :)

Was the weather like mine, btw? You didn't say if it was rainy!

Michael said...

The numbers for Sydney, Buenos Aires, Vancouver and Auckland seem wrong (Great Circle Mapper).

The others seem to be correct.