Saturday, July 11, 2009

Get off yer arses and vote!

Ok, so I voted. Some time ago. Took a bit of time; they want you to register. Worth it. If you tried earlier and could not get through... try again. And tell your friends. Seriously. Come on, it will take all of two minutes; they are your friends, aren't they? Tell your parents/siblings/children/coworkers/dog/cat/guppies, too--anyone who has an email address (or two, apparently).

See, the thing is... the threat alert is at ORANGE. Orange, people! ORANGE! The word that stops verse-mongers like myself in their tracks! (Ok, in truth, I have, on occasion, been put in a situation where I have had to rhyme "orange"... and I did. And not with "door hinge", either, as my brother once tried. No, I will not tell you the story; that is not what this post is about! This post is about voting!)

Seriously--just for fun, pretend that you are one of those people who falls for pyramid schemes. Tell 5 friends/relatives. Have each of them tell 5 more (and so on, and so on... as the shampoo commercial goes). The difference is, you will actually be making a difference!

Also, I think I figured out what to rhyme with GrrlScientist...

She should be first on any list—
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

Let no one’s vote be lost or miss’d—
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

Let one and all her cause assist—
Come join with me; I must insist!
Just move your fingers, hands, and wrist--
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

Come raise your voice and clench your fist—
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

Come march, or strut, or do the twist—
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

Her cause is just; you can’t resist;
Don’t let her lose, or I’ll be pissed!
(I’ll stop for now—you’ve got the gist)
GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!


BarnStormer said...

You've put me in the mood!

GrrlScientist! GrrlScientist!

David said...

My favorite 'orange' rhyme:

Stan Rogers' "House of Orange."

'For I've given my heart
to the place I was born--
Just forgiven the whole
House of Orange;
King Billy and the whole
House of Orange.'