Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Makes Perfect Sense

No ifs, no ands, no buts, no maybes,
God wants women makin’ babies;
No contraception, no abortion,
Every gal must do her portion
Although it seems these funding cuts
Are absolutely fucking nuts,
The politics are reconciled:
We want all women great with child
That is our view, in this our forum…
Once they’re born, we can ignore ‘em.

PZ asks "That makes sense, right?"  On the face of it, Republican plans to cut funding to Planned Parenthood in order to prevent abortions is a bit like shutting down hospitals because there are occasionally sick people there.  Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than any sign-toting protesters--ah, but they do it by preventing pregnancies (unwanted ones--thus the "Planned" part of the name) in the first place.

There's the rub.  How can we be fruitful and multiply if we use contraception?  The GOP's plan makes perfect sense once we realize the proper role of women, as baby factories.


DataJack said...

Jebus, this is a nightmare come true. When will they stop? I realize this nonsense is just to fire up their base for 2012, but it is truly frightening what they are willing to do to our country and its people in order to win elections.

Melissa said...

As a woman, this kind of political move scares the hell out of me. I don't want children at all, but I get told all the time by male doctors and other women that it's just a phase. Apparently, I don't get a say in some things. Sometimes I wonder when my birth control will get held hostage.

Another great poem Cuttlefish. I'm all grrrr now. I think I'm gonna go donate to Planned Parenthood.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

It does make sense I suppose - if you are a neocon strategist. Arguably contraception was the biggest boon to women's independence ever. Reproductive control has created a large number of well educated women many of whom don't support the right's agenda. Attack them and the unions at once and you hit the democratic base pretty hard. Yeah, I suppose it could be about religion but I'm betting politics has more to do with how well its funded.

Cyc said...

Their plan to cut funding for Planned-Parenthood to reduce abortions makes even less sense then what you stated (about how many pregnancies it prevents through education and contraceptives) when you take into consideration that they do not use federal funding for the abortions they do provide, so how exactly will this reduce abortions?

Either they are completely uneducated in the manner (conservatives uneducated, never!) and/or it is exactly as you stated, trying to put those uppity females back in their place as baby makers, just like the 'good' lord wants.

The Ridger, FCD said...

The three most important things for the new GOP are: cutting women's health care; making poor people's lives difficult; preventing the rich and corporate from paying taxes.

Breaking unions goes a long way to achieving that goal. So does cutting funds to PP. So does gutting health care reform.

Exactly what they think will happen once the working poor and the unemployed have no hope is beyond me. My best guess is that they truly think the world end before that happens... and that - SOMEHOW - Jesus will smile at them when the Rapture comes, because they said the magic words. Either that or they don't give a damn because it will be after they themselves are no longer here.