Saturday, January 05, 2008

Danger! Warning!

When bloggers write, with laptops, seated,
Bits of them get overheated—
Sitting in their rooms, retreated
To their hidden cloisters.
If I should hear “Well done! Well done!”
I hope they mean my writing’s fun
And not some cruel and heartless pun
About my mountain oysters.

The writers putting out these blogs,
Like robots built with well-oiled cogs,
Or samurai, or feral dogs,
Eviscerate their fools—
But now, it seems they face a danger,
Not from any foe or stranger,
Simply from a heat exchanger
Near their family jewels.

Though Yossi Vardi starts to warn
It’s not time, yet, to be forlorn
(Though if your kids are not yet born
You’re one unlucky putz.)
It is, however, time to plan,
And if you are a hopeful man,
To buy and use a cooling fan.
Oh, yes… and shave your nuts.

Thanks to Greg Laden.


T T Eyes said...

Such brilliant stuff, I often look in on your words and I am always so impressed at how well you do it:)

Are words your livelihood or hobby?

Cuttlefish said...

Are words my livelihood or hobby?

Um... no.

Glad you like it, though! Thanks!

Podblack said...

Okay, fishy. You owe me a cappuchino, mine got sprayed all over the couch when I read the last line! :p