Friday, September 10, 2010

One Nation Indivisible

"We are all Americans, we stand together. I think it is absolutely important now for majority of Americans to hang onto that thing that is best in us: a belief in religious tolerance. We have to make sure we don't start turning on each other. We are one nation under God. We may call that God different names, but we are one nation."
President Barack Obama

I’ve always thought it more than odd
To say “One nation, under God”—
It’s laughable; it’s risible:
One thing it’s not is “indivisible”.
My president just cut me out:
My welcome here is now in doubt.
“Home of the brave”; “Land of the free”
But not the godless, can’t you see?

If common values bind us close—
Ideas, small or grandiose—
Those notions, if we care to look,
Will not be found in Holy Book
But in the Constitution’s lines,
The founders’ words, their grand designs,
Where weak or strong may both speak free,
Including godless folks like me.


Jim said...

Amen. No, wait...

SUIRAUQA said...

Brilliant. I wish I could forward this poem to the POTUS and have him respond to it. It is sad that this country is so eager to grab the dubious distinction of being a nation of god-botherers!