Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Ballad Of Christine O'Donnell

One Saturday morning, a beautiful day,
With nothing much better to do,
I thought I’d examine a question I had,
So I went off to visit the zoo.

The monkeys were swinging on bars in their cage—
I watched, the entire day long—
But not one of the monkeys evolved to a man;
That’s how I know Darwin was wrong.

Empirical study (like mine) has disclosed
That a theory is never a fact;
Since we never see monkeys evolve into men,
It’s time “evolution” was sacked.

With Darwin defeated, it’s time to explore
What they claim is the age of the earth;
“Tectonics” makes mountains and continents move
If the theory retains any worth.

So I hopped in the car, and I drove to the shore
With the cliffs overlooking the sea;
I watched the day long, while they moved not an inch—
The question is settled, for me!

When scientists tell me their method is best,
I agree—cos I’ve used it myself!
And I’ll take what I see with my very own eyes
Over dusty old books on the shelf.

And since monkeys are monkeys, and people are people,
And mountains are solid as stone
I’ve falsified science, and better than that,
I figured it out on my own!

Cuttlecap Tip to PZ, here.


Marzie said...

Oh Cuttlefish, how I adore you.

Anonymous said...
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Dietra (aka ursulamajor) said...

Clean-up on aisle 2!

Dan Gambiera said...

DM, they've made great advances in psychiatric medications in recent years. I suggest you avail yourself.

SUIRAUQA said...

Outstanding as usual, and quite nice to read and recite out loud actually!! :D Thought: Can blogs be vaccinated against a DM infestation?

Cuttlefish said...

In theory, Blogger now has a spam filter. In practice, it does not work. (for more, see: )

Dancing Monkey continues to illustrate the control-threat hypothesis with every comment ( , see comments); everyone can see his insecurity. He is to be pitied.

Joan said...

And yet the reverse seems to be coming true
With his ranting so vile it is funky.
No more “Christian” it seems, with the air turning blue
DM fast is devolving to monkey.
I am thinking someday I’ll log on to a blog
Way infected by this little this leach
And see that the message of our bandwidth hog
Has shrunk to the sound of a screech.

biodork said...

Oh my - it's like Shel Silverstein for creationists!

itchy said...


Richard said...

Good work! I hadn't seen this before I posted my own "The Ballad of Christine O'Donnell":