Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Hampshire Sixth State With Same-Sex Marriage!

Applause! Applause! It’s in the laws!
The matter’s been decided!
Hooray! Hooray! As of today,
No more a state divided!

It should have happened years ago,
But, better late than never—
There are some couples here I know,
For whom it’s seemed forever!

My neighbors can get married now
If they should so decide—
Exchanging rings and solemn vows,
A lovely Bride and Bride.

Union Leader story

I'll add links as they become available--looks like I am ahead of the news organizations this time.

Governor Lynch's signing statement.
Union Leader's updated story
Text of House Bill 73
Text of House Bill 436
Text of House Bill 310

NY Times article


Unknown said...

Woohoo! We'll slowly get all of New England. I believe now only Rhode Island is the hold out.

Cuttlefish said...

Well, yes and no, Noadi--Maine still has to give the opportunity for the voters' veto, so (if I understand it correctly) the new law won't take effect until that vote, if there are [a sufficient number of] signatures collected.

I've had it out with a handful of Mainers about this issue, years ago. Wonderful state, but those particular residents were not exactly finest kind.

Unknown said...

Maine happens to be where I live. The way it works is IF the opponents can collect enough signatures before the law goes into effect in September it will be put on hold until after a vote. If it gets on the ballot I'll be out there doing my best to make sure my state does the right thing and upholds the law.

We have our share of idiots and like most idiots they tend to be a loud minority.

Podblack said...

In my state, they're going to make Centerlink payments (benefits) equal for gay and straight couples. Soon, I hope, soon, it'll make gay marriage legal. It's so absurd otherwise.