Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Blame Sigmund Freud

I always feel bad about writing something like this--I blame Freud.

See, Freud was the one to come up with Reaction Formation as a defense mechanism, wherein an unacceptable sexual or violent urge is replaced by its opposite, exaggerated. For instance, some hellfire-and-brimstone preacher leads a crusade against immorality, because he really wants to consort with prostitutes, or someone becomes a firefighter because of pyromaniac urges, or an anti-gay activist... well, you get the picture. I have no idea how Freud came up with such a nonsensical notion, because we never see such pillars of morality crumble--never see the preacher caught with the prostitute, never see the firefighter convicted of arson, never see....

PZ reports on a World Net Daily story that protests too much about a Boston dance--a prom sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth. The reporter is utterly gobsmacked that these kids acted just like straight kids at their own proms--almost like they are human themselves!


I never thought I'd see the day
When kids could dance while being gay--
It's Satan's work; there's Hell to pay!
God Bless the World Net Daily!

There is no way I'd take a chance
And show up at this High School Dance,
Cos if I got in someone's pants
I'd have to do it gaily!

This sort of thing is too complex--
I'm so perplexed by same-sex sex;
With both concave or both convex,
Just who does what with whom?

I'll stop my ears and shut my eyes
To girls with girls and guys with guys,
Ignore the tingle in my thighs
From being in this room!

Oh, no! Too late! For now, I find
I cannot (will not!) shut my mind
To thoughts of dancers intertwined
I want to join the throng!

I'll grab my camera, point and click,
And write the story, really quick--
Pretend the whole thing makes me sick--
But first... let's dance one song!


voodooKobra said...

Hahaha. Cuttlefish, you rock.

John Vreeland said...

I am tempted to set it to music. Alas I am afraid it will lack any relevance outside this moment.

Kausik said...

You are just amazing. The message apart, I loved the cadence. I am glad that you still visit Pharyngula every now and then.