Thursday, March 05, 2009

Truman The Octopus!

Ok, first go read the actual story.

I'll wait. It's worth it. Come back when you are done, and you can read the verse. Teaser--it's about an octopus, doing something really really cool. Oh, and... Truman is especially cool. I have pics of him on my camera--the dude is amazing.

Truman the octopus saw the locks
That closed the outer, bigger, box,
Inside of which, he had a hunch,
Was one more box, which held his lunch.

Truman the octopus could have tried
To break the locks and reach inside
Or else, he could have set the goal
Of fitting through a two-inch hole

Truman the octopus, big and strong,
Some 30 pounds, and 7 feet long,
Saw lunch, and would not be denied;
The tiny hole? He crawled inside!

Truman the octopus filled the box,
But never did release the locks;
He tried for nearly half an hour,
But found no crabs he could devour.

Truman the octopus slithered out
(To plot some more, I have no doubt)
The truth? I’d give fantastic odds:
The next world leaders? Cephalopods.

(Edited to add: There are some additional pics of the event here, where you can get a feel for the real size of Truman.)

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Noadi said...

Just wait until these guys evolve longer lifespans. It's cute when they only live a few years, imagine 50-60 years of that sort of intelligence. Humans will be doomed!

tamdoll said...

Saw this on the news last night, was scary!

Jives said...

Wow. Now Truman is inspiring ballads!

Bill the aquarist writes a little bit about it here on an Aquarium blog.