Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If I stand on these bodies, maybe God will get a better view of how pious I am...

Once again, PZ gets credit for ruining my morning. Sadly, my ruined morning is nothing at all compared to the story he shares. The deaths of 14 people--7 children, 7 adults--are being used to promote a sick agenda. God was punishing them, you see. Because the father of two and grandfather of five of the victims (just think about that loss for a moment. Two daughters, five grandchildren, dead in a plane crash) is the owner of a chain of clinics that, among other services, perform abortions. So, of course, the whole family deserved to die.

Of course, it would be horrible to phrase it that way, so the much more polite phrase "I don't want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual 'I told you so' moment..." Hey, guess what? You just did.

There is no tragic loss of life so great
That someone, somewhere, who has a book to sell
Or vile view to promote, cannot create
A circus, a spectacle, a forum for their hate,
A soapbox platform, from which they can tell
The world--these sinful victims are in Hell.
This crash--with seven kids among the dead;
Whole families lost--is cause for countless tears,
A time to comfort victims' families. Instead,
The horrid claim the families' actions led
To this. Their sinful lifestyle, it appears,
Angered God. Now Gingi Edmonds cheers
"Stack the coffins; I'll use them for my stage!"
And all my sadness turns itself to rage.

If you want the details, read PZ's post. I will not link to the Christian Newswire source.


Podblack said...

*hug* :(

Anonymous said...

Brillant, thought provoking and moving as always

The Ridger, FCD said...

Isn't the guy who kills the family of the guy he hates, isn't he, you know, always the psycho thug evil bastard?

Johnny Vector said...

Pardon for showing my complete illiteracy with regard to poetry, but And all my sadness turns itself to rage sounds horribly familiar. Is that a twist on a well-known sonnet, or does it just sound familiar because it's so poetical?