Friday, March 18, 2011

The God-Shaped Hole

There’s a god-shaped part
That is missing from my heart
And the rivers of hell are running through it
So when god above
Tries to fill it up with love
Then the devil takes my tongue, and I say, “screw it”

There’s a god-shaped hole
In the middle of my soul
Where the devil takes control of my behavior
And I can’t break free
From his power over me
Till I recognize that Jesus is my savior

There’s a god-shaped strain
That’s been nibbling at my brain
And I really can’t explain how it hurts me
Cos my logic fails
Rationality then bails
And my cognitive ability deserts me

There’s a god-shaped wound
That has festered and ballooned
A malignant and metastasizing cancer
Through the whole damned land
And you have to understand
That religion is the cause, not the answer.

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TigerBeatle said...

I claim a cuttlefish-shaped hole in my brain. This fits nicely. Well done.

Melissa said...

I once had a woman tell me (while attempting to convert me) that she had a hole in her that she kept trying to fill with men. Until she found jesus. She said he was the only one able to fill her hole. She never once said anything about her heart. I laughed so hard it hurt.