Friday, March 11, 2011

A Low Moral Bar

When a thinking person quarrels
Over Abrahamic morals
And they look at evolution to compare
Though the legions of the godly
May decide I'm thinking oddly
There's a little observation I can share:

If a God, in His discretion
Wants to punish a transgression
With an everlasting punishment in Hell,
Any ethical solution
That's derived from evolution
Could address the problem every bit as well!

Any god, or gods, or trinity
That tortures to infinity
Is acting in a manner most unjust!
You may think there's nothing greater
Than your fictional creator
But as moral creatures go, your god's a bust.

Inspired by the insipidity here. Astonishing, how mere animals are immoral, when compared to god. I get the feeling the real problem is, animals are not as efficient in their cruelty.

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Melissa said...

I read PZ's post and came here. Your poem nails it in a rather concise and lovely way.

I don't understand the mind that sees gods as moral creatures. Especially after reading mythology and holy books.