Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Too Bad About The Baby...

She's got perfect little fingers;
She's got perfect little toes,
With the darkest eyes I've ever seen,
And tiny button nose--
She's more delicate than poetry,
More powerful than prose--
She's a beauty, and there isn't any doubt

She's a miracle in diapers,
As I watch her calmly doze;
Even through her father's awkward looks
Her mother's beauty shows
We conceived her in a test tube
So, as everybody knows,
She is soulless, and we'll have to throw her out.

Via PZ, a tale told by an idiot. What horrible world view could look at a baby and consign it to the trash bin based on something so trivial as an ancient book? I get the feeling that Cathy Lynn Grossman, given the choice between saving the family bible or her own daughter from a house fire, would proudly emerge from the smoke clutching the book with both hands.

Update! It seems Ms. Grossman has read my response, and considers it an out-of-nowhere slap, much as I thought her question a bit of a rabbit-punch to the families helped by IVF. I have responded here.


Rhacodactylus said...

Great post!

This is sort of why I would love a way to tell if babies were homosexual at birth, it would be much more difficult to smack your six month old upside the face and kick them out of your house =)


Anonymous said...

Rhacodactylus, I wish I shared your sunny view of humanity vis a vis people's attachment to their infants vs their hatred of gay people. I think there'd be a sudden spike in abandoned babies, personally.

The Sailor said...

Thank you for your poetry ... oh, and thank you for your contributions to science.

BTW, anon, I think it might actually lead to a spike in babies, literally.

BTW2, I'm sure that wanted babies are treated much better than unwanted babies.

Funny how that works in an xtians' mind.

Emily said...

Maybe if we develop a way to detect homosexuality in utero, the Christian Right will decide that abortion isn't so terrible...

Coelecanth said...

You only have to look at china and how there's a lack of women being born there since the advent of ultrasound imaging to see how detecting homosexual babies would go.

What would a religious fundamentalist who believes that homosexuals are "an abomination" who should "have their blood upon them" do when that abomination is helpless and in their power?

On a happier note: For some reason I love the rhyme scheme on this one. And I love the line "She's a miracle in diapers." For me it captures the awe inspiring beauty that I see in my daughter while at the same time acknowledging her tangible, and smelly, reality.

Thanks Cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish said...

What an interesting cross-section of opinions. I would love to be as optimistic as Rhaco; I used to run a daycare, and I would have crawled through broken glass for any one of those kids. But, at that same daycare, I saw parents that by any reasonable measure did not care for their own children in the slightest, although I am certain they would disagree.

Lobe-fin--"She's a miracle in diapers" was part of the verse that I cannot really claim credit for. The universe itself thrust that one upon me, and all I did was take dictation. It happens on occasion. It's one of my favorites as well, for exactly the reasons you point out.

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