Saturday, April 24, 2010

Changing The Pope's Itinerary

"Your Holiness, a moment please--we've made a couple changes
To the schedule you will follow while you're visiting this week.
It's really nothing, mostly--it just sort of rearranges
All the visits, cos a group or two would like to hear you speak."

"There's a group of rape survivors; there's a dozen men with AIDS;
There's two priests--a married couple--who are looking for your blessing
There's an epidemiologist, who says his courage fades
When he sees you're banning condoms when he knows the need is pressing"

"There's an hour with some "Hitchens" and another with some "Fry"
And between the two, expect to feel a modicum of shame
And then lastly, there's this "Jesus" bloke, who wants to ask you why,
You are doing all this stupid shit, and say it's in his name"



DM said...

crystal night is a reference to when the SUN IS ECLIPSED...

DM said...
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Anonymous said...

What an eccentric performance above.

Cuttlefish said...

Indeed, 1966Xtine.

DM is my biggest fan.

Everywoman said...


Clare said...

Oh bravo sir! Very well said.

~ vicars daughter ~

Lenoxus said...

The "Context" link needs fixing, it's got an extra "http://" stuck onto the end for some reason.

Cuttlefish said...

Thanks, Lenoxus--fixed!