Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Limericks--Greece!

This is not the only country on my trip, but I am certainly glad it is one of them! I have wanted to go to Greece since... I think my first presentation on the Parthenon in 4th grade, or maybe earlier, reading the children's versions of Greek mythology. Of course, ignorance being what it is, I have had quite a learning experience here. As someone (Between Mark Twain, Ben Franklin, and Will Rogers, there is a 99% chance of one of them having said just about anything) is alleged to have once said, "it's not what you don't know that gets you in trouble, it's what you do know, that ain't so". I have such vast quantities of both categories here that it would be tough to say which wins out.

But anyway, it is Friday the 13th and I have had a wonderful day. So the Friday Limerick topic is Greece--broadly defined.

There once was a lady from Hellas
Quite a favorite with all of the fellas
From them all, she chose one,
But was having such fun
With the rest, that she just wouldn't tellas

There once was a Byzantine Monk
In a bit of a Byzantine funk
So he took his small flock
To the top of a rock
Where he thunk, and he thunk, and he thunk
[imagine a photo of a Meteora monastery here. I will edit it in when I have bandwidth to load it.]

It's slimy, yet furry and squeaky;
I think you'll agree that it's freaky;
But beyond all dispute
Is the fact that it's cute--
And I found it in Thessaloniki!

(this one is worth clicking on--it's just so cute!)


Anonymous said...

If the thievage ain't too overt
I want that cute guy on my shirt!
It should rate a mention
And catch the attention
Of all mutant species who'd flirt!

Thinker said...

It’s a tragedy worthy Athena,
played each night in each Grecian marina.
But don’t be too sorry
For these calamari
Go in bliss as they’re drowned in retsina.

Unknown said...

Th’only Greek that I know was named Callas.
I say this without any malice.
I’ve never traveled, no worlds have unraveled.
I’ve never e’en been clear to Dallas.

So hooray that you’re doing it Cuttles.
Hope Greek’s earthquakes don’t cause any muddles.
Take great pics for us here while we stay home and cheer
So get going on your transglobal shuttles!

octopod said...

podblack: do you want the test tube with it?

Cuttlefish said...

Can't speak for the cat, but to me the test tube is a quintessential part! I mean, can you imagine Linus without his security blanket? Calvin without Hobbes?The pope without his silly hat?

It's all about accessorizing.