Thursday, June 12, 2008

Never A Good Sign

It should make you worry when you
Find your cousin on the menu
At a pleasant Greek Taverna at the Galaxidi shore
It was Greece--so I was fated
Once I'd eaten, and was sated,
To be punished by Poseidon like I never was before
We were looking at the ocean
When there came a funny motion
Just a little instability I felt beneath my feet
Then the sidewalk started moving
Like the gods themselves were proving
We were just a little early when we called them obsolete

We had traveled through the epicenter town about 2-3 hours before the earthquake hit. The photo above is indeed from the Taverna in Galaxidi where we had just eaten when the sidewalks started imitating the ocean.


Anonymous said...

:O Wow! What timing. Glad you're okay. BTW, I love the meter on that poem.

Thinker said...

So – this quake of which you tell us
As you journey on through Hellas
Is a sign from gods of yore?
Have they read* from you too rarely
And are punishing you fairly?
Then appease them – blog some more!

*Well, the old Greeks loved good poetry – why wouldn’t their gods?

The Ridger, FCD said...

Greece. Cool. Hope you're having a helluva good time, earthquake notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I miss you - but glad the earthquake missed you too!