Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Marriage Is Gay Today

Half a lifetime ago
As chronologies go
I was married, in upstate New York
There were family, friends,
And some strange odds and ends
When we, husband and wife, popped the cork

But today it feels strange
As if something has changed
Though our vows are the same, to the letter
Because, as of today,
Why, “marriage is gay”
And equality’s oh so much better

When marriage was straight
And the church barred the gate
And kept part of humanity out
They tried to define
In society’s mind
What a marriage was wholly about

Though they struggled with words
Their whole view was absurd
And historically, simply untrue—
And sanctified bigots
Just opened their spigots
Letting sewage and prejudice spew

They poured this pollution
Into my institution;
My marriage was tarred by their brush
But—long story short—
I am glad to report
They are getting their long-deserved flush.

With this change in the laws
I feel better, because
I’m not part of a bigoted order
So today, let’s have fun
But there’s work to be done
Cos equality stops at the border.


Iron Chef Kosher! said...

Yeah, marriage is DEFINITELY SO GAY! And, even more importantly, as of today, my marriage is that much less unfair...

Anonymous said...

I'm a straight woman; my husband and I have been married for 29 years. Same-sex marriage has ABSOLUTELY affected our marriage!! In the past few years here in CT, three, THREE!!! gay couples that we know have gotten married. David and Tom. Steve and Paul. Barbara and Pat. OMG they are so GAY! We were invited to the weddings. Guess what happened to us! Oh noes!!! OMG it was SO SO UNBELIEVABLY GAY! When these couples said their vows to each other, my husband and I HELD HANDS and remembered OUR OWN VOWS and GUESS WHAT!!!!! Our marriage felt renewed and refreshed THE SAME AS IT DOES WHEN WE ATTEND WEDDINGS OF OUR HETERO FRIENDS!! OMG! I even cried a little. OMG! Who would have thought that "gay" wedding ceremonies could have the same effect on me as "straight" ceremonies???! OMG do you think gay people are just the same as everyone else??? OMG is it possible!!!?


Marriage equality is a civil right. Period.

When civil rights are improved for one group, they are improved for everybody.

Each person deserves the right to a fulfilling life with the person(s) of their choice.

My LGBT friends have opened my mind to the richness of human variety.

Epinephrine said...

With the "stops at the border" line, I thought for a second that it was a guest poem by a Canadian. Congrats NY! I hope many other states follow!

It's funny how my children's generation has no issue with it; there are kids with two moms or two dads at their school, and it really isn't a big deal.