Thursday, February 03, 2011

Whoopie For ME!

Another day
Another issue
We’re all a-waiting
They’re talking Whoopie

Is this for real?
Are they insane?
What’s taken over
The state of Maine?
The new election
Of state confection
They’re talking Whoopie

Picture a crème-filled sandwich
It’s sugar mixed with lard
Something that fits your hand, which
Will make your arteries hard

From Madawaska
To southern Kittery
Seems this much sugar
Will make you jittery
This pressing issue
Will make you wish you
Were talking Whoopie

Picture a Down-East picnic
What’s on your plate to see?
You give your fork a quick lick
Blueberry pie, for me!

They need a budget
Or folks will hurt
They say, “let’s fudge it
And talk dessert
This legal action
Is mere distraction
They’re talking Whoopie

For those too lazy to click links... the state of Maine is debating the adoption of a State Dessert, the Whoopie Pie, which was invented in Pennsylvania.  Me, I'm in favor of Blueberry Pie as the state dessert; if a state dessert can't turn your smile blue, what good is it?

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