Thursday, October 07, 2010

4 Ways To See God (and I still don't)

Which God do you believe in?
Cos we really want to know—
There’s a fellow with a clipboard
And a poll he wants to show—
He’s collecting lots of data:
“How Americans See God”
And he wants to know which version gets the nod.

Is your God authoritative,
And judgmental and engaged?
Is He critical? Vindictive?
Is He apt to be enraged?
Is He distant and hands-offish?
Or benevolent, with love?
But I couldn’t find a “none of the above!”

What a poorly worded survey!
My opinion couldn’t count!
Not a bit—not one iota—
Not the tiniest amount!
Take a segment of the country
And eliminate their views;
And they dare to show this bullshit on the news?

So the closing story tonight on ABC's "World news" was "A Look at the 4 Ways Americans View God" There's even a poll, but don't bother to vote; there is no "none of the above" option. "Americans", apparently, all believe in some form--one of these four--of God.

C'mon, ABC News. I know you have a religious bias; I've written about it before. Today's link also contains a number of videos of previous shows, each of which demonstrates the same sort of ... well, rudeness, frankly. Not "what SOME americans believe", or the possibility of a "none of the above" on the poll. Seriously, this is just plain bad journalism; it misstates the actual facts, by ignoring the people who don't fit their preconceived notions.

ABC News, why no "none of the above" option? What are you afraid of? Could it be that there are more nonbelievers around than you are comfortable with?


SummitWulf said...

'And judgmental and engaged?
Is He critical? Judgmental?'

The repetition of 'judgmental' seems a little clumsy to me... do like the sentiment though!

Rorschach said...

I read that as "4 views of god among believers", which is what that book seems to be about, I guess that way it makes more sense.But I might be wrong..:-)

I liked this bit:

"For 22 percent of Americans, mostly evangelical women, they characterize the almighty as a "benevolent God" who is thoroughly involved in their lives but is loving, not stern."

I wonder how their marriages are going...

Rhacodactylus said...

My God is unwaveringly against being asked stupid questions by pollsters *slams door*

Another great one man, so glad I found this site!


Cuttlefish said...

Ack! Thanks, SummitWulf--fixed. Don't know how that got there, other than the fact that I am losing a fight with a head cold right now...

Rorschach, I suspect that is what they mean, but it would not take a whole lot for them to have made that clear--and they don't.

Aw, thanks, Rhaco!

Jacqueline said...

Excellent! Is God trailing clouds of paperwork as he comes?

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