Friday, June 04, 2010

Miracle! (Surgery)

A miracle! It has to be!
Cos science can’t explain
The sudden disappearance of
A tumor in the brain!
It has to be the angels, who
Looked down from up above,
And bathed young Oleg’s cortex in
Their holy, shining love;
Or maybe it was Christ himself,
Although it may seem odd—
But healing is a habit for
The only Son of God;
Or else the intervention of
Some altruistic Saint,
Whose relic heard the family’s prayers
(It’s really rather quaint)
Or maybe it was Mother Mary
The kindly Blessed Virgin—

It couldn’t be three hours with
A gifted neurosurgeon

Cuttlecap tip to Zeno, via PZ.


Joan said...

To me, the biggest ‘miracle’
Involved here seems to be
That the medical profession
Did the surgery for free.:)

MXH said...

If the hydrocephalus comes back, what are the odds that the neurosurgeon will be blamed?

Cuttlefish said...

Joan--Good point! This may be a legitimate miracle after all!

MXH--Why think "bad" when you can think "worse"? I suspect that the blame will go to the insufficient faith of the parents, whose doubting of God's power led them to a neurosurgeon in the first place!

Anonymous said...

What is a miracle? we'll ask—
Pure luck or fabrication?
Is it Christians trying to justify
The cures to their inflictions?
You see the logic, the steps, the rhyme:
These things in full fruition,
But I believe God works in ways
Oft with no definition.
Convenient hands and helpful ears
All seem coincidental
From what I know, God's everywhere—
He's not just supplemental.
To me, Life is the miracle!
The fact that we are here!
So I will marvel, shout and sing
"My God's love is sincere."

Cuttlefish said...

(I forgot to say before--thanks, Joan, for wonderful verse!)

Thank you as well, an0nytron! I am always happy to have readers who disagree with me! You may expect, though, that I will likewise disagree with you...

The miracle that God does best,
To show His awesome might,
Is managing, no matter what,
To keep from people’s sight.
He never leaves a fingerprint,
To show His Healing Touch;
He never leaves a single hint,
No never—not so much.
He’s never blamed for any plight,
So many, though, have said it—
No matter what, when things go right,
It’s God that gets the credit.

You vouchsafe His sincerity
You claim to know His care.
He’s lacking in temerity--
“The God who wasn’t there.”

AT said...

DC, may I ask if you had a church background? If so, what do you think have been the circumstances that have shaped your views? If not, same question. I'm simply curious and not intending to attack or discredit your experience. Thanks!