Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Vote No On 1!

If you have friends or relatives in Maine
Who are sane
Or whom you can convince to do what is clearly right for us all
Give them a call.
Whether they are mobsters
Or stereotypical caricatures in slickers and sou'westers fishing for lobsters
Whether they are calm or jittery
Whether they live as far north as Madawaska, or as far south as Kittery
Today is the day, for every woman and every man
To do what they can
To promote
The vote.

Seriously... I know I have a few readers in Maine. I am fairly certain they are already going to vote. Anyone else, take a minute or two and search through your email address book; if you have friends or family in Maine, take an additional minute to make sure they are not going to sit this one out. If they won't vote for themselves, maybe they'll vote on your behalf. Vote No On One.

If your friend happens to be a member of one of the churches opposing gay marriage, simply remind them that there are churches today that already approve of gay marriage, and that their vote could set a precedent for control of church policy by the state. It is in their own best interest not to set that precedent. Vote No On One.

If your friend decides to argue with you, call them up. Let them rant and rave as long as they want to... preferably until just after polls close.

Vote No On One.

I'm Cuttlefish, and I approved this message.


Johnny Vector said...

Just emailed my cousin there. Not that it'll matter; she's already on the side of justice and equality for this one. Like most voters there, according to fivethirtyeight.com. Let's hope Nate is right again this time. Go Maine!!

Noadi said...

Absolutely going to go vote No on 1. I'll be going as soon as my mom gets out of work, we want to go together because we both feel strongly about gay marriage.

Yes on 5 is also a good idea, it expands medical marijuana laws to allow dispensaries.

I've been reminding people on Facebook and Twitter to vote. Doing my part.