Sunday, November 01, 2009

How Not To Treat A Book

To pick and choose from Origin,
Although it feels like libel,
Is only treating Darwin's book
The way Ray treats the Bible;
Omitting chapters here and there
And redefining "fitness"?
He does the same with Holy Writ
And gladly bears false witness!
He makes his way through every book
A picker and a chooser;
With equal treatment everywhere--
Consistently a loser.

Over at the US News & World Report blogs, the God and Country blog is giving much too prominent a soapbox to creationist liar Ray "bananaman" Comfort, arguably giving him much more authority than he deserves by pairing him with Eugenia Scott.

Bananaman takes advantage of this disproportionate pairing by asking "If I am (as Professor Dawkins says) "an ignorant fool," why are so many feeling threatened by what I've written?" Nice spin, actually. I suppose that a gnat is likewise all puffed up with importance when it can stir a lion to casually bat at the annoying little pest. "If I am such an insignificant little nothing, how is it that I can force a lion to--*squish*". And Scott obligingly renders the little creature into its component parts, pointing out that Bananaman had removed several chapters of Darwin's writing, then claimed in his "introduction" that Darwin had not sufficiently addressed points that were covered in those chapters! It appears that the gnat has been shamed into including those chapters in upcoming printings, but his "introduction" continues to mislead, something which I was almost certain there was a commandment prohibiting.

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Mona Albano said...

Very nice poem & report. I wonder if Comfort thinks it's also OK to steal someone's savings and then chide them for being a poor saver!