Saturday, December 01, 2007

Knit me a brain!

A tip of the cuttlecap to Shelley of Retrospectacle for reporting on the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

We’ve got sweaters to mend; we’ve got socks we can darn,
So pull up a chair, and I’ll spin you a yarn;
It’s a song with a Scarecrow-of-Oz-like refrain:
Please pick up your needles and knit me a brain!

I’ve knitted my bones, and I’ve knitted my brow,
But I’ve never seen brains knitted—up until now;
With each neural pathway a separate skein,
It’s Art and it’s Science, so knit me a brain!

Two hemispheres knit, and then reaching across ‘em
A beautiful, zippered-up corpus callosum;
Such fine application of knit, purl, and chain,
I want one myself—so please, knit me a brain!

With the brain’s convolutions appropriately gyred
This fabric creation has got me inspired!
My love for this art, I can hardly contain—
So how can I get one? Please knit me a brain!

Some people may tell you I’ve gone ‘round the bend
That the stuff ‘twixt my ears needs some decades to mend.
I could use some new grey-matter; mine’s gone insane,
It would not go to waste, if you’d knit me a brain.

You can see for yourself—why, just look at the time
I must take to obsessively put things to rhyme;
Something’s wrong, and I think that the answer is plain:
I need a replacement—so knit me a brain!


Shelley said...

If I had the skill, I'd knit you one,
The endeavor does look lots of fun.
I could try my hand at a Cuttlebrain,
To keep you from going Cephalo-insane!

Podblack said...

Utterly brilliant, in both accounts! Well done DC! :D

Cuttlefish said...

What a wonderful thought, but I fear you're too late
I'm consigned, then, to suffer my cuttlefish fate--
Unless I can get a nice brain, made of yarn,
Then I'm screwed--because this one won't work worth a darn!

makita said...

Cute! I just linked to this post. Is that ok?

Cuttlefish said...

Of course, Makita!

While I am here, I might as well add the other verse I commented on Shelley's site...

I could while away a minute
And every second in it
In pleasure, not in pain...
Whether wool, flax, or cotton,
I would know it wasn't rotten
If I only had a brain.

I'd be happy--even chipper--
To know I've got a zipper
Where some are cleft in twain.
I'd be glad--that's what I'm saying--
If through knitting or crocheting
I could only have a brain

Oh, I... could tell you why...
A fella's brain feels full
I could tell you it is cotton or it's wool
Oh, but the truth? You know it's bull!

I could stay here, just a-sittin'
Pretending I was knittin'
But what would I attain?
As a cuttlefish, I'd rather
Just disguise myself in blather
And pretend I have a brain...