Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My First Review!

The new book, and the gorgeous mug from CafePress.

Reader Joan comments here:
Move over Dawkins..

Missed the book sale by one day
But I love it anyway
It would certainly be gold at any price.
Boxed shrink packaging is great.
This book will not meet the fate
Of poor handling here. You need not roll the dice

Three hundred forty poems plus one
This book promises much fun
And the content has included added spice.
There are illustrations, ten
(Cephalopodic, never men)
And the photo plates are way more than nice.

There’s no space here to reveal
The great depth of its appeal,
Humor, irony, a palatable screed.
But it passed my final litmus
I don’t have to wait for Xmas
To open up this truly perfect read.

Wow! This is just an amazing magnum opus. The volume, variety and quality of the poems stun me and I’m astounded at what a great job LuLu did with it. No ratty newprintish stock. The cover, the layout, and the quality of the paper are indistinguishable from expensive college texts. And, oh yes, It’s just as funny as hell. ( Should one believe that it exists and that there is anything to laugh about down there.)

One small correction--it's actually not 341 poems; it's 244 (if I counted correctly), but well over 300 pages of actual content (plus the foreword and table of contents and that sort of thing). Still, that's less than a dime a poem--try and get that sort of deal with any other cephalopod!

Joan is right, though--I just got my own copies yesterday, and it really looks great. It shocked me to see just how much there is here (and yeah, I wrote it and put it together, so if anyone should have known better...). It's considerably more substantial than I was anticipating, and I had honestly forgotten just how good some of this stuff is. I've had a great time putting this collection together and revisiting some of the old verses, but it is soooo much nicer to have in a book than to scroll back through pages on this blog.

Thank you, Joan! Enjoy it in good health!


Joan said...

Ok..Thanks for the corrections but you are the only one who can edit this unless I resubmit the whole thing. Here's a chance to clean up my review. Delete the bad stuff and substitute this:

At two forty three plus one
These poems promise endless fun

Now I also need to add another 'way' to the photo plates line. The spell checker messed up the meter.

Have been reading these poems to my husband, who loves them. Now if I could only convert a few fundie friends, I'd have my Xmas list complete. (grin)

Unknown said...

Excellent Joan and Digital. It's on my Christmas list.

D. C. said...

Dear Cuttlefish:

The Cafe Press pictures are gorgeous -- and there's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion. So please make the text clickable!

Cuttlefish said...

Your wish is my command!

Glad you like the cafepress pics--there's a new version of the logo there that I really like, but which hasn't yet made it to this site. Soon, I hope--need some sort of reason to do so.