Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ex Nihilo

In the beginning, there was a void,
Which left a lot of folks annoyed.
So Hawking thought he’d take the case
And looked through time and space.

He looked to where it all began—
This thoughtful and inquiring man—
To where some say there must be God
And thought, “well, this is odd.”

“From gravity alone, I see
The Universe that came to be—
There need not be a Guiding Hand;
I hope you understand.”

But those who search in vain for Gaps
Where God may hide, just said “Perhaps
It’s God, creating Gravity,
Through his divinity.”

But comments left on news-sites show
That common people claim to know
Much better than a physics prof
(At whom they point and scoff)

Their knowledge-base approaching null,
Still from the vacuum of their skull
Ex nihilo, opinions sprout
And come a-creeping out.

From ignorance comes solid proof
That God is there—he’s just aloof—
And Hawking erred throughout his book,
They know without a look.

As usual, the real fun is to be had not in reading the articles about Hawking's new book, but in reading the comment sections to those articles! Hawking's book, which is not yet available, is already clearly wrong. Apparently faith in god comes with the ability to time travel, or to read so fast that you can finish a book several days before it is released.


Joseph Smidt said...

Very interesting poem? Where did you find it? I would like to reference it.

Cuttlefish said...

I don't find them, I write them!

Take a look around the rest of the site--with the exception of 2 or 3 guest posts, this is all from what passes for my fevered brain.

Feel free to use it--link back here, or cite Cuttlefish, of The Digital Cuttlefish.

Joseph Smidt said...

Cuttlefish, wow, you wrote that! That;s impressive!

Cuttlefish said...

Hey, someone had to.

Kevin said...

Did you see that 26 trillion people have shared the cnn article about that book?

Joan said...

I am continually awed by the superior quality of your work in style, subject matter, and humor. It’s as good (nay better) than that of those in the hard copy world who are actually getting paid something besides admiring comments. Here’s my screed bemoaning (mostly) the unfairness of it all. 

Ode To Cuttlefish

Hail ye who writes the Cuttle-verse
Compared to you others are worse
They should be last. You should be first
Their stuff does not compare.
Your plentitude of verse is thrillin’
Prolific (yes!) much more than Trillin
Can’t see why you can’t make a killin’
With it. It’s not fair.

Your subject matter’s more diverse.
The meter’s best in all your verse.
To write this well must be a curse,
While leaving coffers bare.

“The Nation”, cheapo that it be
Requires that I must pay a fee
Allowing me to look and see
The poet they have there.

What’s bad for you is good for me.
You don’t require this. Golly gee!
Most all of your great verse is free.
Benevolence, so rare.

Your verse, the best, your pay the worst
Cause I can buy your published verse
In one eleven dollar burst
And have some change to spare.

So though I squawk, I don’t squawk loud
I’m honored to be in the crowd
Still reading Cuttle and so proud
To be in company rare.

Cuttlefish said...


Diana Hickman said...

I agree with Joan. I have paid a lot of money, after searching, ordering, waiting, for poetry of lesser quality and value, and for yours, I don't do anything but open FB, and there you are.