Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paul The Octopus

Paul the octopus, in his tank,
Could place his bets and break the bank!
Depending on which box he chooses,
One team wins, and one team loses--
So soccer fans can get their kicks
By betting on the box he picks.
A sea-borne male (which makes him Merman-y),
Paul’s picks are perfect, predicting Germany—
With Ghana down, the team advances,
So Paul must really like his chances.
(He only gets to eat his treats
When his team—Germany—competes)
So many teams have lucky charms;
Not many, though, can sport eight arms!

Der Spiegel Gallery of Pics! I'd love to post some here, but such are protected links. They are really worth seeing, though!

Some zoos in Germany have come up with a wonderful tie-in to the World Cup--they are asking their animals to predict the results of upcoming matches! Paul the octopus is the reigning star thus far, with a perfect 3-0 (he even predicted Germany's loss to Serbia, which was a serious upset!), but hippos, porcupines, and more have been placing their bets.


Greg Laden said...

The Germans and their soccer... I was in Germany a while back just before the World Cup was to play there, in a town in which an entire stadium was constructed to handle some of the games. (Our conference had dinner in the clubhouse of the stadium, in fact).

We may have had octopus.

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest Cuttlefish rhymes. I thought it was impossible to find a rhyme for Germany. :)