Sunday, May 23, 2010

Martin Gardner (1914-2010)

Martin Gardner is, for me, always paired with Jerry Andrus; both men appeared to see the world from a slightly different perspective than the rest of us, but were ready, willing and able to share their vision, to our great joy.

Turns out Andrus had, a dozen years ago, paid his own homage to Gardner, in the form of a paper cutout illusion of the form both men were so fond of. This one also happens to be perhaps my own favorite; I have one sitting on the shelf in my office (well, did--things are in boxes right now). (At the link, you can print out your own to cut and fold!)

A dragon you can make yourself
To sit, perhaps, upon your shelf
A silent, somewhat creepy pardner
Reminding you of Martin Gardner


Mr B said...

I have posted a transcript of a long 1979 interview with Martin Gardner here.

JackC said...

Thanks so much, Cuttlefish. Those dragons are wonderful. I have two of them now.


Johnny Vector said...

Cut out and sitting on my shelf now. (The dragon, not the poem. The poem lives in my head.)