Thursday, January 21, 2010

Accommodationism: A Parable

I wanted to learn how to play violin;
I also wanted to swim.
I queried the maestro, who told me flat out
My chances were frankly quite grim:
A musical instrument gets in the way
And they don’t perform well, wet;
And as for tone, some soggy notes
Are all you’re gonna get.

But one accommodationist
Was there to give me hope:
He said they were compatible,
And not to give up hope!
So I’m in the pool, most every day,
With violin in hand;
I practice my scales till my fingers prune up,
But I guess I don’t understand—

It just doesn’t sound like a violin sounds,
And it’s harder and harder to swim!
I’m starting to think that the maestro was right
And I’m wishing I’d listened to him!
There are times when two things simply don’t go together,
That’s the story I’ve come here to tell—
You can play a violin under the water;
You simply can’t play it too well.


Anonymous said...

An underwater violin
Is no good anyhow.
If it were me I'd dump it.

Yet if you forced me in,
I'd play a violão.
At least it's not a trumpet.

Olaf Davis said...

Dammit Cuttlefish, how are we going to get all those fundamentalist frogmen to accept that there's nothing wrong with violining after they've read this? We were so close!

...or was it the vitriolic violinists we wanted to accept snorkeling? You know, I don't really remember. Either way, can't we all just get along?