Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Cephalopodmas Present To You

I should have done this long ago, but for the unfortunate fact that I am an idiot. Anyway, you have probably forgotten all about the two buttons over there to the right that lead to Lulu and to where you can buy my books. (Still sounds strange in the plural.) I have, as my present to you, just figured out that I can give you the downloadable version for free. So now, that is how both books are set (my apologies to those wonderful people who already paid for a download of Vol. 1. No such apologies are needed as yet for Vol. 2.), and I encourage you to click on over and grab yourself a copy of each. It will be slightly more convenient than printing out the entire blog, although the books don't contain any of my commentary--just the verse.

If you like, then, you can just print out a copy of a particular verse to tape anonymously to someone's door, or stuff in the church mailbox, or try to pass off as your own. If you really like, you can then buy a copy for Uncle Sid or Cousin Mildred or that weird neighbor down the street, and (at least as of this writing) it will get to you in time for squidmas. And if you feel guilty, there is the tip jar, also over there to the right--but I expect no squid pro quo; the free downloads are indeed my gift to you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to grading...

To all of my readers, from me,
There's a present for under your tree
Just a PDF file
That might make you smile--
The important part is: it's for free!

(let me know if it isn't showing as free. It ought to be, but I never was good with computers, so if it could be screwed up, it likely is.)


Olaf Davis said...

Thanks, Cuttlefish. Merry Squidmas to you too.

Mike said...

Thank you! Merry Squidmas.

Thinker said...

You shouldn’t have – Golly, Oh Gee! –
A zero-cost downloading spree!
You keep giving with style
And this cephalophile
Wishes you, and yours, Squidmas in glee!

Biocuriousgeorgie said...

Oh wow, that really is an awesome present! I love your verses (I just don't comment much)! Thank you Cuttlefish! And Merry Cephalopodmas!

Unknown said...

thank you, and happy holidays!

ps: check your tip jar ^^