Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Which It All Hits The Fan At Once

My laptop computer is giving me fits;
It will randomly fade into black.
It looks like it simply is "going to sleep"--
With a difference: I can't get it back!

My car has a problem they can't diagnose,
And it's rapidly starting to die;
The gauges don't work, and the power is weak,
And my grease-monkey doesn't know why.

My bike needs new shifters, new gears, and a chain,
The socks I am wearing have holes
With two kids in college, and spouse out of work
It is difficult meeting my goals.

But I'm healthy, I'm happy, and looking around
I can see, many more have it worse--
I don't think I'd trade places with anyone else...
I'll just sit here, complaining in verse.

Ok... every word of that is true, but this is not meant to be a pity-inducing post; I am very much aware that a great many people (including, I would assume, some of my readers) are in far worse shape than I am. Last time I actively asked for money, I had a specific and immediate need, and my readers showed a generosity so far beyond any real-life people [read: my damned department] that it was my readers who made the single most amazing experience of my last 5 years (maybe more; I am being conservative) possible. I am not in such straits this time, and I am not trying to guilt-trip anyone.

But I am going to gently ask for money. No hard-sell, though; I am not threatening to stop posting (I am much too obsessive--if nobody donates a cent, I'll still be here); I have no pressing problems (other than what is in the verse above, which could probably describe a great many lives, and is no great hardship); I have no claim of charitable need-based donating. If, though, you read and enjoy this site, please consider clicking the tip jar over there on the right. It's the time of year when I start figuring out cephalopodmas spending, and right now my budget is zero. (Which, I will be the first to admit, puts me way ahead of a staggeringly large number of people whose budget is negative.)

For the next few days, I will be posting some "best of" re-posts. This is for two reasons. One--I have a lot of grading I need to get to, and a laptop to bring in for repair, and a car to set fire to, and a bike to fix, and socks to darn. Two--according to google analytics, the vast majority of people who visit here don't look at the older posts, and I really like some of them! So if you have a favorite you'd like me to repost, just let me know in the comments here or in email, and I'll surely get to it!


dvizard said...

The Absolute Cuttlefish Classic has to be this one:

Cuttlefish said...

Ah! That one is scheduled to be the next up--this evening (my time).

Lessmog said...

Hi, I'll be feeding the saucer in a minute; just a small, symbolic token. Meanwhile, I tried to emulate your art, hampered and halting as a biped must be:

An extra dollar, a sidewalk cent --
I'd love to help you pay the rent
In these so hard deficit times
To celebrate some perfect rhymes.

The Web has many many arms
For you to distribute the charms
Of culture gains and wordly loss
While Old Lord Mammon still is boss.

And while I can give but two bits
Of currency, I like your wits.
Let those with plenty donate more;
This much is all I can affor'.

As I grope 'round my empty purse,
Almighty Lord, how I thee curse:
Damn, make me rich, I swear to God,
Or heap it all on Octopod!