Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'm In Love!

I like my food spicy; some like their food bland.
I like an adventure; some want their lives planned.
My love is a woman who takes her own stand
While others want someone whom they can command.

While some treat their love like a delicate flower—
Watched and protected, locked up in some tower—
My love, I am certain, has shown she has power,
Which grows every day, and in truth, every hour.

My love has a power, which must be respected;
She’s earned it, of course, she’s not falsely protected
To make up for promises long since neglected,
Like some I could name, though that’s not unexpected.

My love is amazing; my love never tires,
My love, like a goddess, compels and inspires,
A muse to the people—like Dawkins or Myers—
Who wear on their sleeves scientific desires.

Some long for the common; we put our reliance
In methods where evidence earns its defiance;
We’ll climb till we see even further than giants—
The woman I love is a beauty called Science.

What... you want context? Ok, here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Mr.Man. I post here firstly to,again, applaud your work and secondly to ask if it's alright for me to repost it on my own blog and if so, how (i.e. if it's alright to post the full poem, with link or the link alone)?

Cuttlefish said...

Heya, Mr. Man!

Feel free to post the whole thing, with a link.

Glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...


Rob Harwood said...

"Who wear on their sleeves scientific desires."

I hate to critique such an awesome poem, but I did find this one line a little tepid, compared to the rest. What are 'scientific desires'? It seems an odd juxtaposition to me.

Anyway, I thought, given the context of muses, goddesses, and inspiration, I humbly propose that something like this might fit in its place:

"Her sparks light the mind with Promethean fires"