Friday, August 29, 2008

Delicious Brains...

The delicious brains of Jessica Hagy, that is. I can't believe I had never seen her site before Pharyngula posted this one:

I commented there, but added a few more stanzas here...

We struggle in vain to distinguish a Mass
From your typical Zombie behavior
As they guzzle down red by the bottle or glass
And delight in Filet of Our Savior.

Perhaps it's a matter of what's on the menu;
Your Catholic is more of a snacker,
But if you feel teeth on your shoulder, why, then you
Know zombies want more than a cracker.

When Jesus said “This is my blood that you drink,
And this is my body you eat”
Did something he knew of their tastes make him think
They were zombies, and lusting for meat?

Did the Catholic Church, from the time of Saint Peter,
Rejoice in the words that he said,
And at least once a week, become Zombie flesh-eater
And feast upon Jesus Undead?

I worry it's some sort of slippery slope
Where they struggle 'gainst gravity's chains
And I wonder if Ratzinger got to be Pope
By eating the Cardinals' brains.

oh! I mentioned in a comment yesterday, but some people don't read comments (silly them!)--if any of you added me to your blogrolls while I was overseas, please let me know so I can reciprocate!


Thinker said...

In second rate films and on Sundays they rise,
the crowds of the not-quite-dead-yet.
They come for the food and would stay for the pies
But a wafer is all that they get.

They’ll tell you the cracker’s a Saviory steak.
Me? I prefer ‘em bovine,
and except for Gran Sangre de Toro I’ll take
a glass not of blood, but of wine!

For Saturday, here’s my advice (it transcends
that guy whom the zombies are fed):
eat some meat, drink some wine, sing some songs with your friends.
Then spend Sunday half-dead in your bed!

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amazed at the awesome stuff out there on the internet that I am unaware of. I had to add Indexed to my feeds, too, after PZ posted that.

Unknown said...

I've got you on my blog roll. Can't miss out on the rhymes.

Laurie said...

You guys have to read Friendly Atheist! He's spotlighted Jessica Hagy several times...

Lab Boy said...

I'm nought but a second rate blogger
who rhymes no better than a dog, er...
but my blogroll, you're on
someday it'll dawn
on me how to use Language, not flog her.

EcoGeoFemme said...

Love it! It all fits with the highest holiday as well -- they worship a man who rose from the dead!

Photoépilation Photorajeunissement 75006 Paris said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you noticed that Science By Sunclipse got picked up by Science Blogs - and that's where I found the link to here!

Might want to change your blogroll to reflect that. :)