Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, Ye Of Little Faith!

PZ writes of a fascinating fossil find... A pair of footprints, one overlapping the other, left by a human and a theropod respectively. The fossil is... not terribly convincing.

But, of course, there are creationists touting it as the real deal, and as evidence that humans and dinosaurs walked the earth together, just like in that documentary. You know, the one with Fred and Wilma, I forget the name.

Anyway, it seems odd to me that the people who are supposed to have the most faith are the ones going out of their way to manufacture "evidence" so that they will not have to rely on faith. But I should be used to that by now.

I was thinking, though... what if the fossil really is the work of god? Fossils have been seen as a test of faith, placed there by god to see if we will still believe; what if this transparent fake is actually the work of god, placed there as a test of intellect?

The tracks of Man and Theropod
Were planted, by a playful God
To test the use of Human minds
Confronted with such puzzling finds.

The first upon Jehovah's list
To see it, a Creationist;
He swallowed hook, and line, and sinker,
Showing God he was no thinker.

The second looked, and laughed and laughed
To see the shoddiness of craft;
His open eyes would not be guiled,
And God looked down and simply smiled.

The third to look was just a boy
Who looked at it with open joy
And thought "that looks like so much fun,
I'll try to make another one!"

When even children plainly see
A fake, it is no mystery;
But as we grow, we often find
Some choose a path that leaves them blind.

And it should come as no surprise
They trust their faith, and not their eyes;
And will not hear if you explain
That--maybe--God prefers the brain.


The Lorax said...

What you said, I second. Though I doubt I could do it in verse.

Podblack said...

Nominated for the Open Lab Book!

Adam said...

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Insect said...

You have a cool Carrollish style. That's very likeable.

the Insect.