Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Limericks--Graduation Day

So this weekend is graduation day for a lot of places around here. Last weekend for some, next weekend for others. Here at Cuttlefish U., commencement is this weekend, but grades are not due until next week. Which means that I am still grading while the students are celebrating. Still grading while I am trying to prepare for the Big Life-Changing Event that I will write about in a day or so (with luck, after my grades have been delivered).

I know that some of my readers have yet to suffer through even one graduation, and others have gone through 4 or more of their own, let alone their children's or their students. So we have many different perspectives here; I can't wait to read them!

It’s the end of their four (or more) years
Countless classes, and countless more beers
In a moment or two
All their loans will come due
That’s the reason for graduates’ tears!

With such pride that it’s swelling their chests,
We see Seniors escorting their guests
To their chairs on the field—
But too soon, it’s revealed:
Cuttlefish is still grading their tests!

Through the traffic and crowds I’ll be weaving
Looking flustered—but looks are deceiving;
Once you’ve gotten to know
Them for four years or so
It’s not always a joy when they’re leaving.

In the line, as you slowly advance
To receive your diploma, perchance
It would soften your frown
If you thought, ‘neath that gown,
That the speaker is not wearing pants.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Wait, what? You're still grading? And not the only one, I presume? What if someone graduates and then fails? Mass confusion!

This diploma is mine now, you guys:
I've suffered a lot for this prize.
And if I now fail
I swear to prevail:
From my fingers (cold dead) you must prize.

The Ridger, FCD said...


... prise.


Unknown said...

Graduation at Liberty U
Is a proud day that happens there too.
Their science degrees
Might as well grow on trees.
They’re designed by the IDer crew.

They’ll descend on a world unaware.
Their agenda’s a way to prepare
Fundie theocracy
To crush democracy.-
Education reduced to woo prayer.

So encourage your kids please, dear Cuttle.
Or those ‘tards will our people befuddle …
With Creationist junk
And other such bunk.
And our country’ll end up in a muddle.

~ Okay, perhaps not my best effort, but no time today. Hope your graduation is a great one. Congrats to all those deserving grads!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

When my name was finally called
I was scared I would trip and then fall
In front of those clowns
In their various gowns
So I watched my feet all down the hall

When it came to my next graduation
I did not want the humiliation
So to bypass the pain
I got onto a plane
And escaped to a whole other nation

(Yup, I wriggled out of the 2 hour Latin ceremony by moving to Canada. Sitting through my then-boyfriend's ceremony the year before was more than enough. Nightmare).

Looking forward to hearing the big news!

Rana said...

Nothing from me there, but is it a coincidence that the Skeptic's Circle released yesterday is all limerick?

Anonymous said...

@the ridger, fcd: prise or prize, either way it's right, still, prise would be my selection too, to avoid rhyming prize with its homograph.

Although it is hard to believe,
And the memory's hard to retrieve,
On thirtieth May,
'97, my B.A.
On that stage I did finally receive.

Recounting those four lovely years,
With friends, with heartache, with fears,
With love, with laughter,
Now eleven years after,
I smile and weep nostalgic tears.

Anonymous said...

No pants? Cheeky! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I don't do poetry - but I am having such fun reading yours, mostly on Pharyngula. Just wanted to let you know you have a fan.