Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Keane Observation

As reported on Pharyngula, the Danish cartoonists are once again the target of Muslim ire. Danish papers have reprinted the offending caricature in a show of solidarity with the cartoonists and an affirmation of freedom of speech. Why now? It seems a plot was uncovered to kill one of the cartoonists. That's right--use your ink, get killed. You can see why a cuttlefish might not like that. But rather than rant at length (which others do better than I can, anyway), I thought I'd put the cartoon jihad into a more fitting context. Is a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad the most offensive way one could use one's ink?

I don't think so.

The Muslims want to rid the world
Of all cartoons that irk us--
I say, come join in my jihad
Against The Family Circus!
To threaten death for doodling
Mohammed is just silly,
When much more damage has been done
By Jeffy and by Billy.
The mental anguish brought about
By P.J. or by Dolly
Makes Muslim claims of blasphemy
Just so much useless folly.
Who holds a gun to Bil Keane's head,
Against his plaintive plea,
And makes him write this sort of crap?
Oh! "Ida Know"; "Not Me"!

cartoon source: Infidel Blogger's Alliance

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