Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noah's Flood, or God Passes The Buck.

Two children, playing silly games--
One of them is winning.
God decides to kill them both
'Cos having fun is sinning.

Time to quickly learn to swim--
It's not enough to wade,
'Cos God is going to clean up
All the messes that He made.

It's not the children's fault at all
What happens on this day;
But God is great, and God is good,
And someone's got to pay.

From Greg Laden's Blog.


Mike said...

I see that you don't get a lot of comments here so I was compelled to leave one. This is my favorite blog. Your effort is appreciated!


Blake Stacey said...

You know, Bora says that the Science Blogging Anthology needs poems. . . .