Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ode To Bulgarian Beer

I’ve enjoyed a tasty pizza
With a glass of Kamenitza
In a restaurant on Shipka street, one perfect summer night.
I have had a friend uncork a
Giant bottle of Zagorka
As we argued over politics (we both, of course, were right).
I’ve found arguments intense go
So much better with Shumensko
So I asked my local grocer “can I special-order beer?”
When I told him what I wanted,
Had my fantasies confronted
With the tragic information: “No, you cannot get that here.”


I'm was looking, strictly for educational purposes, to find a place I can buy Bulgarian beer. I know, it won't be the same here in the US, but over there it was wonderful stuff. At the "O Shipka!" restaurant on Shipka street, it was perfect. At Boyan's apartment, it was perfect. At Veliko Tournovo, shared with new friends while preparing to watch the light show, it was perfect. In Bourgas. In Plovdiv. It helped that we were near the breweries, and it was always fresh. It helped that it was summer. It helped that we were with friends. But still, it was damned good beer. And I can't get any here.

So if you are where you can get some, and want to take pity on a poor, thirsty Cuttlefish...

Oh, just for fun, some of the Bulgarian beer ads are interesting. Very different target audiences, I think.




Stacy S. said...

I can't get my favorite beer either. :-(

Mugshot said...

My favourite beer is Kamenitza from Plovdiv but prefer Rakia to be truthful :P.

I live in the UK and have to bring back litres of the stuff in my suitcase when I go on my bi annual cant get it anywhere!!!

There are rumours that the UK supermarket chain Tesco's has Kamenitsa which Im going to be investigating...Ill tell you how I get on!

DonaldD said...

My favorite Bulgarian Beer is the new one from Veliko Turnovo's Boliarka brewery. It a wheat beer and is absolutely lovely. I notice that more and more British style cider is also becoming available in Bulgaria now. One of them though is just impossible to pour as soon as you remove the cap, the bottle empties itself.